2018 St. Louis Metro Section Planning Awards

Call for Nominations

Encouraging and recognizing excellence in planning has been an important component of the American Planning Association (APA) since its inception. The St. Louis Metro Section Board of the Missouri Chapter of the APA would like to extend an invitation to all its members to submit nominations for the 2018 APA St. Louis Section Awards.  Several award categories were designed to honor those who create, develop and implement the area’s finest planning documents and development projects.  The awards will be presented at the annual Planning Workshop on Thursday, Friday, June 7-8, 2018. Please note that the submittal deadline is May 4, 2018 at 5PM.

Submittals will only be accepted electronically here:


Award nominations for the St. Louis Metro Section awards may be made in four categories. If the nominations justify doing so, no or multiple awards will be made in each category. To better align with the Chapter and National APA awards, nomination eligibility and criteria has changed slightly from previous years. Please click here for eligibility information and nomination criteria.

    This category pertains to written plans representing significant advancement of planning and which bring a greater awareness of the benefits of good planning in the St. Louis metropolitan region.  Entries may include, but are not limited to, comprehensive plans, housing plans, capital improvement plans, environmental/resource conservation plans, park & recreation plans, transportation plans, reuse or redevelopment plans, overall economic development plans, and rails-to-trails plans.

    Entries in this category demonstrate successful implementation of a plan. This award is given for an effort that documents long-term measurable results & demonstrates that sustained implementation makes a difference. A nomination should have been in continuous effect for a minimum of three years. Supporting documentation should take the form of reviews of the implementation effort, analysis of the results, newspaper clippings, editorials, etc. Nominations can include, but are not limited to, plans for zoning or growth management, signage programs, farmland preservation, urban de- sign, wetland mitigation, resource conservation, capital improvements, citizen participation, neighborhood improvement, transportation management, and sustained economic development.

    This award is for a specific planning tool, practice, program, project, or process. This category emphasizes results and demonstrates how innovative and state-of-the-art planning methods and practices help to create communities of lasting value.  A nomination in this category should be fully adopted and in effect at the time of award submittal and, ideally, will show examples of cases where the Best Practice has resulted in positive change for a community.  Examples including innovative planning regulations and codes, tax policies or initiatives, growth management or design guidelines, transferable development rights programs, land acquisition efforts, public-private partnerships, applications of technology, handbooks, or efforts that foster greater participation in community planning.

    This award honors individuals who have advanced or promoted the cause of planning in the public arena. Those who may be nominated include engaged citizens at the local, regional, or state level; members of planning commissions, board of appeals, economic development boards, environmental or historic preservation councils, or other appointed officials; elected officials holding office at the local, regional, or state level; citizen activists or neighborhood leaders; planners at the local, regional or state government level or within private or non-profit sector.  Nominees will demonstrate outstanding leadership within his or her community for a minimum of ten (10) years. (The SLMS will honor and present this award up to a maximum of three (3) persons annually in this award category).

Awards Review Committee

The Awards Committee is made up of six St. Louis Metro Section members who will review all nominations and make the final decision on award recipients.

Materials to be submitted

The SLMS-APA is requiring all 2018 award nominations to be submitted electronically.  Electronic submittals (including the application and text addressing the review criteria noted below) should be sent to www.mo-apa.org/SLMS-awards.  Any issues with the electronic submittal of materials to this website should be brought to the attention of Jonathan Roper at jroper@olivettemo.com or (314) 267-7224.