Scitropin (Somatropin) by Sciroxx: King of all hormones!

Scitropin is a synthetic, injectable form of human growth hormone. It is a brand name product produced by Sciroxx and comes in a 10iu vial. Scitropin is different from other compounds because it contains Somatropin bound to Glycine rather than the more common Acetate ester.

What is Scitropin (Somatropin)?

Scitropin is a long-lasting synthetic growth hormone for the treatment of pediatric idiopathic growth hormone deficiency. It is a biosynthetic human growth hormone that has a 191 amino acid sequence that is identical to the natural substance.

It was developed by recombinant DNA technology and does not appear to be more effective than human pituitary growth hormone extracted from human glands.

How does Scitropin work?

It works well that Scitropin can give you an edge over other athletes. It stimulates the growth of cells and is responsible for normal growth during childhood years, muscle development, bone strength and brain maturation.

It will keep its effects in your system much longer than any injectable form of nandrolone or testosterone so there’s no need to take it multiple times a week like most other compounds.

Scitropin is active in the body for 2-3 days, so this furnishes enough time to do just one intramuscular or subcutaneous injection per week.

Why should we use Scitropin?

Scitropin is useful for those who are interested in bodybuilding. Scitropin gives the user a chance of gaining more strength, can improve bone density, and gives you that nice full look to your muscles. It is also used as replacement therapy in pituitary deficient patients with growth hormone deficiency such as children or adults with inadequate secretion of normal endogenous growth hormone due to genetically determined pituitary lesions (e.g., idiopathic hypopituitarism, postoperative hypopituitarism).

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What are the effects of Scitropin in our body?

Scitropin affects how the body uses energy. Scitropin stimulates the growth of muscle cells, increases bone density and strength, increases energy by stimulating metabolism, improves skin tone, speeds up the rate of growth for children with idiopathic short stature (non-dwarfism), treats adults with short bowel syndrome.

Scitropin is effective to treat obesity in HIV patients.

Scitropin has been used to increase weight in AIDS patients who have wasting or are underweight due to infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Scitropin will also help you gain better cardiovascular health because it inhibits osteoporosis by slowing down calcium loss from bones and strengthens heart muscles.

What is the dosage instruction for Scitropin?

Scitropin dosage is typically around 8iu taken once a week. It is usually injected into the upper thigh (called gluteal) area. It should only be injected in this area of the body because it can damage tissues if it is accidentally injected into muscle or fat tissue.

As with all compounds, you’ll want to start out small and build your way up while finding out how your body reacts to it.

What are the possible side effects of using Scitropin?

Scitropin may cause serious side effects such as: fluid retention, joint pain and arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling and numbness in hand and wrist), and gynecomastia. Based on product reviews, it can also increase the size of your organs so you could experience enlargement of liver, spleen and heart. It could also cause headaches and dizziness.

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Product reviews for Scitropin (Somatropin) by Sciroxx:

  1. Noah Nikole (June 1, 2021): Scitropin is a great product. It added size, strength and improved my cardio workouts. It also proved to be a very versatile product as it caused no water retention or estrogen conversion problems for this natural athlete.
  2. Lucas William (June 2, 2021): Scitropin is great for gaining size and strength. It also gave me a lean appearance that I was able to maintain after cycling off of It.
  3. Asher Carter (June 5, 2021): Scitropin was my go-to HGH during the offseason when I’m bulking. It increased my appetite which helped me eat more calories without gaining too much weight out of water retention, which happens with some other compounds. Its effects are noticeable in just 2 weeks!
  4. Hudson Dylan (June 9, 2021): Scitropin is a great product for gaining mass, It helped me get the big arms I wanted. It was very easy on my liver since it did not aromatize into any estrogen to cause water retention or gynecomastia.
  5. Ezra Rene (June 10, 2021): Scitropin is an amazing compound. It really filled out my physique and gave me some nice gains in strength. It was also clean with no side effects like Test P or Equipoise has given me in the past. It takes just a week for its benefits to become apparent!
  6. Josia James (June 10, 2021): Scitropin is an amazing product. It added some nice size and strength to my frame. It also made me feel stronger in the gym while helping me retain muscle mass while dieting down for a show. Scitopins effects are noticeable in just 2 weeks!
  7. Kendrick Aneirin (June 12, 2021): Scitropin was an excellent growth hormone that I used when I gained a lot of fat during a bulking phase. It kept my weight manageable and added some decent size as well as improving my recovery from hard workouts!
  8. Toby Cillian (June 14, 2021): Scitropin helped me get bigger and stronger, It also suppressed my appetite to help me stay leaner while eating more food.
  9. Taysan Mckenna (June 1, 2021): Scitropin was great for gaining mass at the expense of no water retention or fat gain. Its anabolic properties were great for leaning out while helping with cardiovascular health. A+ product!
  10. Wolf Tyson (June 22, 2021): Scitropin works as advertised by helping to keep your fat levels down even when eating more calories than normal. It also helped improve my recovery which allowed for extra daily workouts!
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Let’s get it done with Scitropin!

Scitropin is good choice for those looking to gain size and strength without gaining too much water weight or retention of estrogen. It is also a very safe compound which can be run throughout the cycle with no problems!